Noise Pop 20 is well up and running as we head into a big day 3 and the 2 day countdown is on for Saturday's Culture Club at Public Works from 11.30am until 6.30pm. We wanted to focus on ART at Culture Club as TEEBS has arrived from the Brainfeeder shores of LA and is busily preparing his S P    C D show opening for this Friday at 6-9pm + we also just received the mighty fine collection of GRIMES' paintings and illustrations ! Our new and very welcome addition to art at Culture Club is Kristin Farr who is busy on 2 very comfy and wonderfully unusual 'armchairs' (you'll see what we mean :) and selecting an incredible selection of her neon rainbow diamond magic pieces for our enjoyment on Saturday. The most friendly sustainable artist in the bay, young Winslow Warren is putting together some new treats for us to expand upon his 'take-away' installations out of all sorts of recyclables. To top it all of is the ever so talented, created and energetic crew of Isotope comic book illustrators who have been and will continue to review the many Noise Pop shows in their exceptional comic book style - see the 2011 Noise Pop Review selection to more than peek your interest ! For more Isotope collaborative goodness we have Jamaica Dyer creating her Fox Head Stew featurette (as seen on MTV Geek) together with a live band - what ??? and there is always one more which in this case is certainly a winner of the Noise That Matters conversation with the renowned Beautiful Loser and Art in the Streets curator Aaron Rose together with animator, filmmaker and artist Syd Garon - all happening this Saturday Feb 25th ! Keep up with DAILY Culture Club for all the latest info


We're thrilled that James (Sime) and his wondrous Isotope Comics family are collaborating with us again at Culture Club ! Last year was a sensation and so will this years presentation including Jamaica Dyer illustrating her Fox Head Stew live with musical accompaniment + we once again will have Isotope's artists rushing about town reviewing many of the shows in a comic book style as magnificently illustrated last year and as seen here in the Noise Pop 2011 Rewind Gallery by many of the Bay’s freshest cartoonists Susie Cagle, Beth Dean, Jamaica Dyer, Ed Luce, Justin Hall, Katie Longua, Roman Muradov, Amy Martin, Donna Almendrala and Greg Hinkle with reviews of Yo La TengoThe Fresh & OnlysKid KoalaAesop Rock, Best CoastThe Soft White SixtiesThe Ferocious Few and Nobunny. To top it off there'll be the Vinyl Dreams 2012 Gallery of Comic Art on record sleeves that you too can be a part of simply by checking in at Isotope in advance or bringing your creation with you on Saturday. Don't miss any of this unfold by checking in DAILY for your dose of Culture Club.


Alright we've been gushing a bit over the Re:Generation Music Project but c'mon if you caught the screening last night you know how good it is ! and if you haven't you still have a shot at the Feb 23 screening AND then the Making of .. Session w/ Zigaboo Modeliste together with the projects creatives on Feb 25 at Culture Club. Onwards now to the latest additions to the already insane lineup with the BAMM.TV Musical Yearbook adding members of Churches and Magik*Magik Orchestra to their lineup AND Hear Ye, Hear Ye the tribute to Public Radio adding Thao Nguyen (Thao with The Get Down Stay Down), John VandersliceKevin Johnson (Weekend), Zoe KeatingQuinn DeVeaux (The Blue Beat Review), Sean Hayes and Jhameel come together with radio producer Stephanie Foo (NPR's Snap Judgment). There's loads more still unfolding with for example TEEBS in the studio getting his solo show S P    C D ready for us and a whole lot more Noise in the works - keep up with it all DAILY for your dose of Culture Club.

The Making of Re:Generation Music Project

Over this past weekend we were happy to share some great music of artists appearing at Noise Pop & Culture Club such as Glass Candy, Chromatics, Teebs and his collective of My Hollow Drum. Now we'd like to remind you to download the music and remixes of the Re:Generation Music Project in advance of this excellent film's screenings Feb 16th & 23rd and in expectation of legendary funky drummer Zigaboo Modeliste (The Meters) appearing at Culture Club together with the creatives behind the project Nick Davidge (Creative Director) and Steve Satterthwaite (music supervisor) on how it this stellar lineup came together for the project. Imagine Mark Ronson, Erykah Badu, Zigaboo Modeliste, Trombone Shorty, DJ Premier, Skrillex, The Doors, Mos Def, Pretty Lights, The Crystal Method, Martha Reeves, The Dap Kings, the Berklee Symphony Orchestra all coming together as they all remix, recreate and re-imagine five traditional styles of music to discover how our musical past is influencing the future. Don't miss any of this unfold ! by checking in DAILY for your dose of Culture Club.

Your Culture Club weekend Downloads

The Noise Pop Culture Club presented by Seagate on Feb 25th is filled with so much goodness that we're looking forward to sharing with you  ! So in time for this weekend we'd like to offer up many tasty musical treats courtesy of our fine artists such as: from our Noise That Matters guest Johnny Jewel, you can download a selection of his many fine productions off of his label Italians Do It Better and his groups Desire, Glass Candy, and Chromatics. From sublime visual and sound artist TEEBS, get yourselves the mighty Brainfeeder sampler plus a chance to get to meet his My Hollow Drum crew via their unmatchable tunes. Lastly if you have not yet done so be sure to get Grimes' latest tune Genesis in advance of seeing her show and owning a piece of her art from Culture Club - c'mon now, get downloading and enjoying and be sure to check in to our CULTURE CLUB DAILY for more treats

Welcome to the Noise Pop Culture Club Blog

There is so much abuzz at this years CULTURE CLUB that we're starting a new blog on it just so we can share the many stories about the exciting artists and presentations involved. Each day adds a little more breaking news and insights to the whole process of it all—whether it be the just released full new AIR album Le Voyage dans la Lune, (see Explorations of the restored A Trip to the Moon session) or that fashion house Christian Dior have just used 'Under Your Spell' by Desire as heard in the film Drive (see Noise That Matters: Johnny Jewel in conversation) or that sound and visual artist TEEBS (Brainfeeder) is returning inspired from his show and collaboration in Honk Kong to prepare his solo show for us (see TEEBS: S P    C D) opening Feb 24. On the technical front, Thavius Beck and Prof Steve Nalepa will be joined by the Bay's own B. Bravo in the Dubspot 'Ableton Live' session and in a live scoring session, SCORED's Mark de Clive Lowe, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & Dexter Story will be celebrating the cinemagic of Georges Melies like you've never seen before. We have some surprises up our sleeve still and for all this and more, we're inviting you to join us at the Culture Club FB page.