Surfer Blood’s ‘I’m Not Ready’ as NPR’s Song of the Day

In case you missed the big announcement on Tuesday, Surfer Blood, are one of the early confirmations for Noise Pop's 20th anniversary (February 21-26, 2012). The¬†excitement¬†is tangible so we thought we'd point you guys to the latest feather in the Surfer Blood cap. NPR chose Surfer Blood's "I'm Not Ready" as their song of the day. Listen here»

Announcing Noise Pop 20

Noise Pop turns 20 this year. Where did the time go? We can hardly believe it ourselves. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate in style and as such have put together a fantastic collection of bands. There'll be plenty more additions to come, but for now you can get excited about indie mainstays such as Built to Spill, Archers of Loaf (played NP in 1997!), Cursive (played NP in 2001!) and Imperial Teen (played NP in 1999!). We've also included some genre-bending acts to the lineup including: Die Antwoord, Budos Band and Grimes. Check out the first leg of the lineup here.

More bands will be announced soon, along with more information about our Film Series, Pop Up Shop, the return of Culture Club and much more. In the meantime browse around the site: buy your Early Bird Badges NOW (they are in limited supply and include entrance to the Die Antwoord show) start to create your schedule, check out the history page and see all the bands who've played Noise Pop over our 20 year span. And of course, before we leave you to wander into our 20th anniversary site we'd like to thank Shepard Fairey for lending his talents to this year's artwork.