For more photos, visit the Noise Pop 20th Anniversary Photo Album, presented by Seagate.

Noise Pop 20 is well up and running as we head into a big day 3 and the 2 day countdown is on for Saturday's Culture Club at Public Works from 11.30am until 6.30pm. We wanted to focus on ART at Culture Club as TEEBS has arrived from the Brainfeeder shores of LA and is busily preparing his S P    C D show opening for this Friday at 6-9pm + we also just received the mighty fine collection of GRIMES' paintings and illustrations ! Our new and very welcome addition to art at Culture Club is Kristin Farr who is busy on 2 very comfy and wonderfully unusual 'armchairs' (you'll see what we mean :) and selecting an incredible selection of her neon rainbow diamond magic pieces for our enjoyment on Saturday. The most friendly sustainable artist in the bay, young Winslow Warren is putting together some new treats for us to expand upon his 'take-away' installations out of all sorts of recyclables. To top it all of is the ever so talented, created and energetic crew of Isotope comic book illustrators who have been and will continue to review the many Noise Pop shows in their exceptional comic book style - see the 2011 Noise Pop Review selection to more than peek your interest ! For more Isotope collaborative goodness we have Jamaica Dyer creating her Fox Head Stew featurette (as seen on MTV Geek) together with a live band - what ??? and there is always one more which in this case is certainly a winner of the Noise That Matters conversation with the renowned Beautiful Loser and Art in the Streets curator Aaron Rose together with animator, filmmaker and artist Syd Garon - all happening this Saturday Feb 25th ! Keep up with DAILY Culture Club for all the latest info