For more photos, visit the Noise Pop 20th Anniversary Photo Album, presented by Seagate.

The Flaming Lips at Bimbo's 365 Club on February 21, 2012. Photo by Charlie Homo.

What an incredible week! Actually, what an incredible month! Our mind and bodies are still recovering from the cultural gauntlet we went through, and yet we're still ready for more. For now though, we want to take a minute to show our appreciation to all the different groups who made this year's festival possible:

Thank you to all the Noise Pop festival goers, without your support and attendance we wouldn’t be able to do this. You've stood behind us for 20 years and we hope to repay that with another 20 years of great independent culture.

Thank you to all the artists and venues that work with us each year. Your talent and hospitality are the foundation of this festival and we’re humbled to work with such a passionate group of musicians and music lovers. And to our sponsors, we could not bring the festival to life without your ongoing support.

Finally, an enormous thanks to all our staff and volunteers who keep things running smooth and on time. You can sleep now.

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